Why Get a Pricey Facial Treatment

Why Get a Pricey Facial Treatment

The most expensive facial treatments, according to TheRichest, range from $215 (bird poop facial to a whopping $55,200 (bee venom facial). Will you spend this much to eliminate or reduce age spots and make your skin radiant so you will look young and stunning? You may say: That’s a lot of money. Is it worth the splurge?

Expensive facial treatments are synonymous to expertise. 

Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for facial isn’t only about paying for cleansers, masks and serums. You have to realize that the price tag also reflects the techniques and technology used to perform the treatment. Likewise, you need to consider the level of expertise of the esthetician assigned to perform the facial. Regine Berthelot, a lead esthetician of Caudalie, suggests choosing a brand that is of good reputation. You’ll have to shell out hundreds of dollars, but you’ll benefit more because your face will use skin-care brands trusted by the experts in the industry. Bigger brands, she added, have better training as they follow standards when it comes to the treatment processes and training of their specialists.

Every dollar you spend offers value.

Benefits of expensive facial treatment vary from one type to another. The more money you’ll spend for this, the more gains you’ll receive. For instance, the 24 Karat Gold Facial, which costs from $380 to $1200, renews skin, increases blood flow and slows down the weakening of collagen and drooping of the skin. With its high concentration of antioxidants, this type of facial treatment also prevents damage from free radicals. Almost immediately, results are evident – unlike cheap facials where you need to wait for a few more sessions before you can see the outcome. Long-term benefits are also a promise as the cells and inner layers of your skin are replaced. Wrinkles, age spots and others begin to fade away that you continue to look younger.

The best customer service has its price.

Customer service is personalized in high-end clinics, spas or salons that offer luxury facial treatments. More often than not, they call their clients on a first name basis. Specialists are highly skilled and have the best manners during interactions. As much as they can, they will answer all questions you have through email or phone call and may even offer advice on how you should take good care of your face after treatment and what products to put your trust on. Wait times are shorter because the clinics are well-staffed and they value clients’ time. Every employee is trained regularly to ensure update of information and tools. Often, they’ll introduce new technologies and techniques to elevate their level of expertise.

If you want to get the best for your face so you will look fresh, young and gorgeous every single day, you will need to invest in an expensive facial treatment. If you have the resources to pay for it, then there’s no reason not to splurge. Surely, the positive outcome will be evident in no time.